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Doodle God Artifacts

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There are way too many games on the internet and that is one of the most exciting yet daunting facts. In this technologically advanced age, very few games have the thought and simplicity which attracts thousands of gamers online. One of the most interesting games I came across was Doodle God which is a point and click game requiring just a mouse. In this game you embrace creation as you make different elements and artifacts. Doodle God is a game which requires the strength of mind. There are four episodes. You start off with an empty planet and the four elements – water, earth, fire, and air. These elements have to be mixed together to make more elements. For example, earth and fire mixed together would make lava. The total number of elements you can create is 248 elements which are further divided into 26 categories. There are usually hints every second minute which makes this game easier to play. There are also quests and puzzles which are like missions with a certain objective. Another side feature is the creation of Doodle God Artifacts. Doodle God Artifacts are a small distraction to the main game and can be created by combining three specific elements. Even though users seem to think that Doodle God Artifacts have to be made before they can proceed to the next level, this is not the case. You can easily skip this step. The difficulty in making these is to construe the logic behind them. These artifacts open when you create different elements which are in turn used to make them. For example, the artifact Titanic will be open to you only when you have successfully created the elements death, ice and ship. Doodle God Artifacts act as a good side puzzle in the game and can be skipped if need be. Until you have made the three elements required, there will be a question mark next to them.


Sphinx – [ Human + Beast + Stone ]

Basilisk – [ Poison + Stone + Lizard ]

Stonehenge – [ Stone + Stone + Stone ]

Pyramid Of Cheops – [ Sand + Corpse + Stone ]


Santa’s Sleigh – [ Snow + Wood + Human ]


Godzilla – [ Dinosaur + Radiation + Sea ]

Perpetual – [ Mechanism + Void + Energy ]


Titanic – [ Ship + Ice + Death ]

Lightsaber – [ Sword + Energy + Light ]

Ring of Power – [ Lava + Magic + Demon ]

Eiffel Tower – [ Metal + Tower + Skyscraper ]

Pandora’s Box – [ Chaos + Death + Darkness ]

Holy Grail – [ Blood + Resurrection + Demigod ]

Doodle God Artifacts (1)

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